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when 90’s kids grow up

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I never heard this song before, but I think its fucking awesome.

So this happened. 

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Danbo wants to give you a flower. 

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Platform 7: French Press, Chemex, Siphon, Oh my!

Working for a large coffee shop, I am glad that I learned some things about coffee that helps me appreciate different coffees from other parts of the world. I always drank coffee from Starbucks, because it was something familiar. When one of my cousins came up to visit she would always asked where to get coffee that wasn’t Starbucks. I guess for some one that is constantly traveling and being…

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One day, either my boyfriend or I will have an excel file like this.

I’ll probably turn it into a pie graph too

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Drinking chemex pour over ethopia yirgacheffe chelbessa from stumptown coffee roasters at Platform 7  #Vancouver  #vscocam #coffee  #coffeeadict #coffeetastings  (at Platform 7 Coffee)

Food Cart Festival: 2nd time the charm?

The Food Cart Festival returning to the Olympic Village for a second time in a year, was once again, disappointing. It wasn’t worth paying the $2 to go in walk around in a circle looking at the selection and leaving.

Patryk, another mutual friend and I attended last year and left with an empty stomach. We had went about an half an hour to an hour after opening. Everything was already sold out, or…

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